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Top Benefits Of Choosing Wooden Blinds

When it comes to window treatments and making your windows look great, there are multiple options. If you are wondering which option to go for, we would suggest wooden blinds. They are a great choice of window dressing for many reasons.

Wood-made blinds are affordable, easy to install, durable, and stylish. Most importantly, they can make your windows look classy and beautiful. Made from a wide selection of woods, including cedarwood, oak wood, and mahogany wood - the choice is yours! The latest trend in wooden blinds comes from Asia - where they have been experimenting with woods.

Are you still wondering whether you should choose wood-made blinds or not? Well, think no more. Today, we have rounded up some fantastic benefits that everyone can experience by choosing wood-made blinds.


Reasons Why You Should Choose Wooden Window Blinds:

  1. Wooden Blinds provide 50% more UV blockage than standard aluminum blinds, protecting your furniture & carpets from fading or sun damage. Wooden options also provide excellent insulation against heat & cold - helping you reduce your energy consumption costs by up to 38%.
  2. Wood-made window blinds come in a range of dimensions with the option to upgrade to motorized control for ease of use. 10-year warranty on labor and materials! Even better if you bundle installation into our comprehensive service warranty. They are available as Roller Wood blinds, Roman wood blinds, and Panel wood blinds.
  3. Wooden window blinds provide a range of options to suit your space needs. Wood blinds fabrics offer opacity from 10 - 83%. Make the most of the daylight with clear roller versions or give privacy where needed with an opaque fabric.
  4. Add a splash of color to a child’s room with colored fabric! The choice is yours! Wood-made blinds come in a variety of colors & finishes to compliment any style or décor, including Rosewood, Mocha, Latin American dark oak, white high gloss, and Victorian high gloss.
  5. Wood slat blinds are the ideal choice for allergy sufferers! Wooden blind slats have been independently proven to improve air quality within living spaces by reducing humidity and moisture. They are also resistant to dust mite allergens which could cause asthma, eczema & rhinitis.
  6. Wood window blinds are moisture-resistant and will not rust when exposed to rain or dampness - making them an excellent choice for bathrooms & kitchens where humidity may be a factor.
    Wooden slats stand up remarkably well outside, too, so your child's room, living areas, or entertainment space can look beautiful curtained in natural light with no issues exposure to elements or extreme temperatures.
    Wooden slats are also safe to touch, so don’t worry about keeping little hands away from hot stovetops or boiling kettles! Wooden slats are perfect for families with small children.
  7. Wooden blinds can save up to 27% on your energy bill as they reduce heat loss by providing excellent insulation against heat & cold. Wood-made blinds have been independently proven to improve home security because wood slat blinds resist breakage and won't shatter into sharp fragments if broken.
  8. Wood-made blinds won't leave dark marks on your walls & paintwork. Unlike curtains tied back with curtain tie-backs stacked on clothes rails which can leave scuff marks across your walls & dust particles floating in the air behind them that you cannot see!
    Wooden blind fabric is also removable, so you can wash the materials at home without worrying about possible damage to expensive blind hardware. Wooden slats are child friendly - no sharp edges to hurt little fingers. Wooden window blinds will not rust either!
  9. Wood-made window blind fabric is printed from natural dyes with environmentally friendly organic pigments. This means the fabrics have been independently proven to have sound absorption qualities that can reduce noise pollution by up to 30% in open plan living areas such as living spaces & bedrooms. They are also available in a range of beautiful colors and finishes.
  10. Wooden blinds are environmentally friendly window covering choices for homes with asthma and allergy sufferers. The eco-friendly option makes this particular window treatment option ideal for everyone.

Contact D.P. Interiors- Your Most Trusted Window Treatment Expert In Maryland

Whether you need help with wooden blinds installations or repair, D.P. Interiors has got you covered. We have nothing but the best to offer you, and we are always here for your window treatment needs. Don’t worry, we have experienced and reliable experts to be at your service.
Wooden-made blinds efficiently protect your home from damaging UV rays, which cause fading of furniture interior decoration, cracking in paintwork around windows, and do not even mention what you can do to your skin.
This window treatment offers the perfect solution when it comes to blocking out harmful UV rays and keeping your home at a comfortable temperature while looking great! That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to choose wooden blinds for window coverings. hey also add an elegant touch to any room and enhance any decor by adding class and sophistication.
Contact D.P. Interiors today to learn more about how we can help you or any information regarding wooden blinds costs.

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