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Repairing Exterior Wood Shutters

Window shutters are a great addition to any home. Unlike interior window shutters that are installed for privacy and ventilation, exterior shutters have a variety of important functions. Window shutters help you decide which area to block out for insulation and light control. When you are installing exterior window shutters, you are not simply blocking light -- you are regulating light and temperature to keep your home comfortable.

For any homeowner, exterior window shutter installation is a behemoth challenge -- for it requires a lot of work. Aside from choosing the best design, you need to be careful about material and ergonomics. It is essential to remember that exterior window shutters are exposed to the weather. You can't put your home at risk with silly decisions. Do your research to see what works best for your home. Conveniently, there are plenty of choices available to help you find the right fit.

Dp Interiors your one-stop destination for exterior window shutter installation and repairs. With in-depth industry knowledge, our experts are equipped with the necessary tools and insight to help you design the home of your dreams.

Choose the Right Exterior Wood Window Shutters For Your Home

Installing exterior shutters is a smart way to add an interesting twist to your existing decor. However, you need to be cautious about your choices since uninformed decisions will land you in trouble in the long run. In case you are curious, there are a few distinct types of exterior shutters -- paneled, louvered, board and batten (also called BnB) and Bermuda.

Paneled Exterior Shutters: Paneled shutters resonate with kitchen cabinets. As for the design, paneled shutters are ideal for country-style homes.

Louvered Exterior Shutters: Louvered exterior shutters have angled slats that let light and breeze to filter into your home. Louvered shutters have a distinct look that matches with all types of exteriors. Nevertheless, these shutters are widely seen in colonial, Victorian, and traditional homes. These shutters are mounted right next to the windows.

Board and Batten: BnB's consists of several boards hinged with battens. Sometimes these battens are arranged horizontally or at a particular angle on the frontal side. Simple in design, BnB shutters look stunning on brick or mortar homes.

Bermuda: Bermuda shutters resemble louvered shutters in many ways. Instead of being installed on the sides, these are attached to the top of the window. These shutters are often spotted in tropical homes to insulate them from storms and harsh winds.

How Should You Furnish Your Home With Exterior Wood Shutters?

Choosing the right wood exterior shutters in Maryland can be a tedious task. Your decision should be a well thought-out one -- for, there are several important factors to consider. Before you contact a window renovation company, you need to assemble all the information necessary to make the project successful. Starting out, scan your rooms and see what type of wood shutters will work for you.

Wood shutter choices are limitless, so it's easy to get confused. No worries -- our designers at Dp interiors are attentive and skilled to handle your renovation project with confidence. We listen to your wishes and requirements before suggesting you a window treatment solution for your home.

Wood shutters come with exquisite finishes, so they are ideal for all homes. It all boils down to picking the perfect shutters that are appropriate for your home.

Type of Shutters

While installing exterior shutters, the first step is to decide which shutters you need: paneled, louvered, Board and Batten, or Bermuda. Your choice will be greatly determined by the type of window you have applications, and other relevant factors. Make sure you have window specifications before making a purchase.


Color is another important consideration as you make your selection. Your wood shutters need to match your existing decor in terms of color and design. You can keep your shutters black and white like many homeowners. Alternatively, you can choose solid colors that create contrasts. If you wish to explore other shades, you can combine different colors or stick to pastels.


Wood window shutters are available in a variety of textures. The most commonly used variant is the grainy textured shutters. Homeowners select a wood grain texture and add coats of their favorite color. If you wish to look beyond traditional grainy texture, you can consider matte, sandblasted,dark, staine, or cracked wood texture. When you're deciding on the texture of your shutters, you need to examine the space beforehand. This way, you can understand the practical use of these shutters and make decisions accordingly.


The budget is also another essential factor to consider when you select shutters. Wooden shutters are engineered with several components, and some variants are expensive. You should avoid investing in cheaper shutters as they will incur additional costs in the long run. For a cost-effective shutter solution for your home, you contact us at DP Interiors for expert insights.

Wood Shutters Vs. Composite Shutters: What Should You Choose?

Wood and composite shutters are both great for your home. Both of these variants are instrumental in heat and temperature control. If any member of your family has allergy issues, both wood and composite shutter can help you fight germs. These shutters are easy to clean with clothes and drapes, so that you can sanitize your windows without any problems.

If your window shutters are always exposed to harsh conditions, you need to think of weatherproofing your windows. Composite shutters can be a smart option for your home. Not only are composite shutters attractive, they are manufactured with engineered wood and resemble natural wood. Wood shutters are firm and lightweight, but they can't always shield your home from rain and extreme weather conditions.

DP Interiors Has the Best Solution For Your Home -- Call Today!

Window treatment has several challenges, and it's not always easy to figure it out on your own. DP interiors accommodate window installation and repair professionals who are committed to delivering you the best window treatment solution for your home. With extensive industry experience, we will recommend the best products and styles to help you materialize your vision.

You can contact DP Interiors at +1 240 643 6222 to consult with our contractors for a free quote. We are available 24/7 to assist you with your window accessories.

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