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Motorized Window Blinds: Transform Your Interior and Exterior

Motorized window blinds are a great way to transform your home or office. With motorization, you'll never have to worry about lifting heavy shades again.

DP Interiors is a pioneer in window blinds, shades, shutters, motorized shades, custom drapes, motorized blinds, commercial blinds, window treatments, blind repair, and installation. As one of the most trusted window treatment companies in Maryland, DP Interior can help you furnish your home with stunning motorized window blinds.

Motorization Options

There are a few different motorization options.

Motorized window blinds can be motorized by Hand, motorized with the push of a button, motorized with remote control, and more.

Motorized by Hand - Motorized by Hand is the most common motorization option. This type of motorization allows your motorized window blinds to be raised and lowered manually with a battery-operated, cordless drill-like device that can typically be found in any hardware store.

Motorized With Push Button - When motorized with push buttons, you get a more expensive solution. Nevertheless, it offers the ability to motorize your motorized window blinds with the push of a button. This type is available in cordless, wireless, and wired options.

Motorized With Remote Control -

If you think of motorization with remote controls, you can assume that these window blinds are great for people who don't want to get up or have dexterity problems! A handheld remote lets you raise and lower your motorized window blinds with ease. Motorized by push button and motorized with remote controls are generally more expensive than motorization options but well worth it if you want to avoid getting up or have issues physically pulling your shades down.

Flat Fold with batten back Shade

Motorizing Interior Window Blinds

There are many advantages to motorizing interior window blinds:

Motorized window coverings can be controlled with a remote and provide the user with complete control over their windows to allow for privacy or light, depending on what is desired at that moment.
Motorization provides for much greater ease of use than when having to lift heavy fabric blinds.
Motorization offers a complete solution for window treatment needs and allows for shades or curtains to be lowered when desired with the touch of a button.

Motorizing Exterior Window Blinds

When motorizing exterior window blinds, a motorized shade or curtain is hung from the edge of a windowsill and then attached to a motorized system that allows it to be controlled either by remote control or via an app. This solution provides homeowners with complete control over their windows to allow for privacy as needed while still allowing light into the home. Because motorized exterior window treatments can be controlled via an app, homeowners no longer rely on other people to lower the blinds when they leave for vacation or allow light into their homes while away from home during daylight hours.

Motorizing Both Interior and Exterior Window Blinds

For those who want complete control over the interior and exterior windows, motorized window blinds that can be controlled via remote or app are the perfect solution. It allows for both privacy and light as needed. A motorized shade or curtain is mounted to the inside of a windowsill and then motorized, enabling complete control over the interior and exterior spaces.

More Ways to Use Motorization

You can use motorization for more than just your window blinds. For example, motorization is excellent when you want to open up the windows in your home or office without having them move up and down. Motorization is also great for motorized curtains, motorized skylights, and more!

Motorization is excellent for convenience and offers other benefits like saving you energy because motorizations allow your windows to stay open, which saves on heating or cooling costs. It can be used to help regulate the temperature in your home and reduce energy costs.

Why Should You Install Motorized Window Blinds?

Convenient to Operate

If you don't want to spend time every day adjusting your blinds, motorized ones will do it for you. Recent advances in home automation have allowed motorized blinds to become intuitive, meaning you can automate this repetitive task and keep your home at the ideal temperature. They can be scheduled to open and close at specific times or based on the temperature outside using an app. All you need is a smart device or remote.

Safe for Children and Pets

Window coverings with cords, particularly loops, can pose a suffocation hazard for both pets and children. Motorized blinds give parents and pet owners peace of mind knowing they don't have to worry about such dangers. This makes them an ideal addition to any room.

Energy-Efficient Solution

Motorized blinds increase your home's efficiency owing to their ability to control the amount of sunlight you let in and provide insulation. Keeping them open means you can switch off lights, lamps and use less heat in winter. Since they can be programmed to open and close at specific times, it offers maximum lighting efficiency. These factors help you lower your monthly utility bills.

Seamless Integration Into a Smart Home

These days homeowners can purchase and install smart thermostats that store data and regulate window operations. When integrated with motorized blinds, they help reduce energy consumption according to the time of day, the weather, and the temperature inside your home. The thermostat uses this data to sense when a room is getting too hot or cold and opens or closes them instead of using the HVAC.

Protection Against Sun Damage Continued exposure to direct sunlight can fade your flooring, furniture, and window treatments. But motorized blinds can effectively protect your valuables by programming them to open and close at specific times. This makes motorized blinds a convenient option for homeowners dealing with many windows, especially ones located in hard-to-reach places.


Programming these window treatments to operate at specific times can make it seem like your home is occupied, even when you're at work or on vacation. This can deter burglars in search of easy prey.

DP Interiors Has the Best Window Blind Solution For Your Home -- Call Today!

If you are looking for home enhancement solutions, you should consider window treatment. Dp Interiors is your partner for efficient window blind solutions. We have been servicing for a long time and have the right team to support you. Motorized window blinds are a boon to any home -- they can improve the functionality of rooms while enabling you to protect your home against harsh exterior conditions.

Motorized blinds allow you to upgrade your home with leading-edge automation technology to make your life simple and easy. Whether you are looking for an interior or exterior window treatment solution, DP Interiors will assist you in furnishing your home with world-class automation.

To learn more about our window automation services and what's best for your home, give us a call at +1 240 643 6222.

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