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Motorized & Smart blinds/shades

Motorized blinds or shades are the window covering industry's answer to the demand to make everything in homes smarter, easier, and more convenient. As their name implies, motorized blinds or shades raise and lower via a motor, which means you don't have to fuss with lift cords, chains, or even cordless solutions.

Motorized blinds or shades are ideal for hard to reach places such as high ceilings or sky lights where no step ladder is required to operate the window treatment. They can also be very convenient to have in home theatre environments where all of the blinds/shades can be lowered or raised at once by utilizing a universal remote that can operate multiple blinds or shades with the push of a single button. They will also be safe in a home environment where kids are present, avoiding choking hazards due to blind or shade cords, of which, has been a common cause for fatal encounters for children in the recent years.

D.P. Interiors can install either “motorized lift” or “motorized tilt” types of window treatments where motorized lift can raise or lower blind or shade in its entirety whereas the motorized tilt can adjust the slats or vanes into an open or closed position, either allowing light or completely blocking it.

Smart Blinds/Shades

When comes to automating or turning your home to a “smart home”, now there are a host of different options available to those looking to control blinds with the latest voice assistants including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri via Apple HomeKit, or even to have the window treatments controlled remotely.

Most of voice assistants allows homeowners to provide common daily functions such as turning a light on or off, stream online music, control the temperature of a space, set home alarm or security alarm on or home and a lot more with just a few voice commands. Now the option of operating your window treatments along with other home automation has become a possibility. With this latest convenience, a homeowner/business owner have access to superior light control, privacy control, and can help to increase home energy use.

This smart home concept incorporating blinds and shades are still somewhat new even with the biggest manufacturer names commonly known and the cost of installation can vary depends on one’s room needs and set parameters within the available space. D P Interiors can provide you more information and educate you on how to add window treatment options to your smart home. We work with well known manufacturer names and can definitely help to make your daily routines automated at the convenience of a simple voice command!