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Motorized window options

With the latest advancements in window treatment technology, you now have more convenient treatment options with automated features. These are motorized window treatment options which are quickly catching on as they can adjust themselves according to your mood and requirements. All you need to do is activate and control them through a remote control.

Motorized window treatments are great if you have a hectic schedule, young children, or disabled loved ones at home. These options can benefit anyone who seeks the ultimate convenience when it comes to operating window blinds and shades. In fact, here are a few primary advantages that will help you see just how useful they can be in your home or office.

Convenience: There is no need to walk up to the window to open or close them. You simply press the button on the remote to achieve the desired mood for the room. Multiple window treatments can also be controlled with just one remote simultaneously.

Child safety: You do not need to worry about a cord hanging from the window shade or blinds that can be detrimental to child safety. Motorized window treatments do not come with these dangerous components.

Accessibility: If a window treatment is installed in a hard-to-reach area, the remote can easily help open and close the blind. Motorized window treatments are also beneficial for elderly or handicapped people. It’s really helpful to have a remote to let the light in or keep it out of the room when mobility is cumbersome.

Usage of motorized window treatments: Using motorized window treatment options is quite simple. The remote control for these treatments has minimal buttons to make your blinds or shades go up or down from their current position. It can help operate multiple windows in a room as well.

Depending on the type of window treatment you choose, the power options can vary from a rechargeable motor to a direct power supply, to a lithium battery. D. P. Interiors can advise you about your alternatives and can bring samples of the different types of remotes available for different motorized window treatments.

The alternatives for the motorized shades or blinds are traditional window treatment options where the operation is strictly manual. However, these can be dangerous around children, time-consuming at the start and end of each day, and very difficult to manage. In addition, regulations are changing in the window treatment industry, banning the use of cords in blinds and related products for safety reasons.

Installations and costs: Installation costs of motorized window treatments will vary depending on the number of windows you are covering, but you can expect to pay anywhere between $75 - $200 per typical window that is receiving motorized blinds treatments. For specialized treatments with complex mechanisms, the price might be higher.