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FAQ about custom-made window treatments

Decorating windows takes creativity and edgy ideas to make them blend with the room while still making a striking statement. The best way to bring out your true style is through the use of custom window treatments. However, when it comes to window treatments, there are a ton of questions clients have but often find answers challenging to come by. DP Interiors wants to arm you with the most accurate information available to help you find the right retailer for your needs. To do this, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about custom-made window treatments.

1. What is the difference between ready-made drapery and custom-made drapery? You will find that big-name retailers and online retailers usually carry standard drapery sizes; an example would be 84” or 96” sheer lengths. Unless a homeowner has exact heights and widths in their wall dimensions as these ready-made draperies, these draperies will not fit properly.

As DP Interiors specializes in custom-made drapery, we can make sure that your window treatments will be made to your exact window specifications, thus, making the sheers or the panels to be the perfect length and fullness, and your selection of hardware such as rods will be tailored to your exact window width. There is an ample amount of choices when it comes to fabrics, styles, hardware, and finishing if you choose a custom-made drapery instead of over the counter window treatments.

2. Is it recommended to have more than one window treatment to a window or add a new treatment to an existing drapery? Drapery in the forms of shades, blinds, shutters, and sheers function a bit differently than one another and therefore, it is a common trend to combine some of them, creating a multiple layered window treatment. Some components of the window treatment can provide increased privacy and light filtering, while others may add more visual interest to your window and overall décor. However, it is essential to choose window treatments that complement each other, avoiding very contrasting effects that can compete with one another. With over eighteen years in this business, DP Interiors can recommend solutions and options to suit your multi-layered window treatment needs.

3. What is the average price range for custom drapery in the DMV area? The cost of your custom drapery depends on various factors such as the selection of fabric, hardware, and the size of your window. For example, custom drapery panels with hardware for a standard 72” x 80” window range in price from $ 650 to $ 2000. As DP Interiors is a small family-owned company, we can offer you competitive pricing based on your budget, unlike most retail stores.

4. Should I install a window treatment that will match my walls or contrast them? If you intend to go with a custom drapery solution, you will have many fabric options, giving you the freedom to achieve the ultimate look you desire in your space. If you like to make your new window treatment the focal point of the room, you can select a bold or vibrant print that contrasts with the walls and your furnishings. If you prefer to have more of a modest look in your space, then you can select a fabric that compliments your walls so your new drapery will perfectly blend in with the rest of your décor.

5. What is the recommended method for cleaning custom-made drapery? Custom-made window treatments require professional cleaning and should not be cleaned or laundered at home. It is recommended to take your drapery panels or sheers to a reputable dry cleaner (silk fabrics excluded) or hire a professional cleaning service that will get your window treatment cleaned at your own home. DP Interiors can also provide this service to you at a very competitive price.

6. What is the expected life span for custom-made window treatments? As custom drapery is handmade with high-quality fabrics, thread and notions, they will last for decades with proper care, unlike ready-made panels. In most cases, the custom-made window treatments are replaced after the homeowner is either tired of the same look for years or decides to go with a different color theme or décor in their space. Regardless, if you like to keep the same window treatment for years or have them replaced with new styles and trends, DP Interiors can always provide you with excellent service for your drapery needs.