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Monorized Blinds

Motorized blinds are the normal window covering like blinds and shades. But nowadays motorized blinds are in huge use and its demand is increasing day by day because it makes home or office smarter ad easier and more convenient. As its names tells these blinds don’t need manual to raise up and fall down. It operates through motors and control by remote. In other word you don’t need chains or cords to control. Applying these motorized blinds in your house/office minimize the amount of energy your HVAC system uses because blinds automatically react when to open and when to close. In a hot summer weather, it will automatically get off so no sunlight can come in and in sunny weather it will get open so room temperature can remain stable.

Motorized blinds are very inexpensive to control solar gain and to control heat loss in a room. Every green owner should consider this as an important part of house or office. The smart technology increases the ability of motorized blinds to reduce energy use and it is an excellent example of how the smart home can be put to good use helping protect our planet. Motorized blinds and shades are a convenient option for any homeowner. You don’t need to get up to shut or open. Motorized blinds are one of the most modern window treatments in today’s market. They have become much more valuable and they are becoming expensive than other types of blinds but they are worth of this much expensive because they provide you easier and special service than other blinds.

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The installation charges depend on the width of the blind and the difficulty to install but we try our best to give our client a very cheap rate so they get happy from our work. The customer happiness is our important aim.


You don’t need to go towards blind to open and close, motorized blinds can be opened and closed by using a remote, or an app on a smartphone. This is proven that these covering reduce the solar gain and prevent much heat loss. It is convenient because you can fix your time for the blinds like at what time you need to blinds open and at what time you want it to close. You can just make schedule.

Smart Lighting

If smart lighting option is installed in your house or office than these both together work perfectly. When blinds get open and sunlight come in it automatically switch off the smart light of the room. You must know about these blinds and how they work. There are actually a number of options for powering motorized blinds. Some of them are here:

Battery Powered

Battery powered motorized blinds are the simplest and easiest option for the people. There is no need to connect to the string, in motorized blinds a tube is installed on the top that helps shade to lift up. Above the tube a battery is fitted which is connected to a motor for power. You just need to select carefully where will you place battery. They are easy to install and it will not take up outlet space.

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If batteries are costing you expensive. There is an option which we called hardwired. Obviously, it will be through wall. Instead of battery a connection will be made through wire across the wall and power will be given. The installation of hardwired in not easy and is difficult from battery powered. You can’t install it by own. You will surely need an engineer for this which centralizes power control and distributes it to multiple blinds throughout your house.

Solar Powered

If the sunlight is perfect to your room than solar powered is best for you. You only need solar panel system which you will install behind the shade facing towards the sun to catch sunlight. Then this unit will connect to the motor in the same way as battery powered and hardwired options. It is obvious that every window not receive same amount of light so it is suitable for more in southern or westward areas. One thing you need to keep in mind is to choose blinds that are not covered by trees or roof. Its also a great away to utilize the natural resource which not only save a lot of money but also it will contribute in the saving the environment because of the less dependents on the fuel generated one. Our team of experts have years of expertise in installing this type of blinds so that customer can be assure on that the work is done under pure professionalism.

DC Power Adaptor

It is another convenient and relatively energy efficient option used by many peoples in America. Like hardwired blinds DC power adaptor is also connected into an outlet. In DC power adaptor there is no need of replacement like batteries. The installation of DC power adaptor is very easy. There is no need of extra wiring you just need to hang your blinds, plug in your power, and then you will be ready to go.

While except these there are many different ways to use motorizing blinds and power your blinds. But be careful while choosing, whatever you choose should suit your personal usage.

We have dedicated company, which is providing Motorizing blind installation service and its repairing service in America. We are proud of our self in work we are doing and giving service to the locality and maintaining their trust and satisfaction. We are located in the heart of Americans. We have continued this legacy from many years and we provide the best quality service at competitive prices, which you’ll never get under one roof. We have different teams working in different department every day to make a great understanding for our customers so they always stay happy when leave our shop. We facilitate our customers in installation and repairing. So, let us serve you in the right way.

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