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DP Interiors is a company founded by Dila Fonseka, a man with a background in textiles in many countries with over 30 years of experience. DP Interiors was founded in America 20 years ago. We continue to serve DC, MD and VA with all window treatment needs. We do commercial, residential and government contracts.

We are registered under the Better Business Bureau and SAM (System of Award Management). Having Built relationships with our manufacturers, we are able to offer competitive pricing on your window treatment projects

Founder Of D.P Interiors

Dila Fonseka the owner of the D.P Interiors have experience over 30 years and have work experience in a background in textiles in many countries. We try our best to build good relationships with our manufacturers so we can be able to offer fair price to our customer for their window treatment projects. The owner of this company found important thing to start this business because he was tired of seeing crappy products and over priced products were given to customers and he believed there had to be a improved way so he started this company and work very well and give full support to their clients. We have seen so much support of our customer, we become famous by our customer and they liked our work so we are thinking and looking forward to opening more shops in other cities and make more partnership from manufacturers.

Our Full Scale Services

If your are looking for a complete window treatment we are ready to serve you with full dedication and are ready to transform your vision in to actual reality. Our team of experts will complie every needs of yours regarding the work and will transform the ideas in to actual theme which you really wanted for your blinds, shades and drapes. We as a company have different teams working in different department every day to make a great experience for our customers so they always stay happy when leave our shop. We facilitate our customers in all windows treatments need like blinds, shades, shutters and all repair work.

We had many accomplishments over the years and our proudest moments are when clients get so excited about their homes and tell us how much they love it. We have Certification which help our clients to construct windows and live in a healthier environment. This encompasses either building a new window or just making changes in their existing windows to make it safer. We can also provide ways to save money and make your home or office windows function more efficiently. Being the owner of this company I am available at my office timing and I love to make my client satisfied with their idea and you can have complete trust on our team to find the perfect style solution which will meet your complete expectation and will make your home and office beautiful as you wanted, With our 30 years of experience, my natural born “eye for design,” past experience, I keep up with the trends, We will find the perfect style match if your are confused what will suite. We are offering complete free expert consulation service to our clients in order to facilitate them which helps to make customer happy and satisfied. We make our best to make windows that are totally different and better of our company. It has led us to new products, set higher standards for our entire industry and, ultimately, become America’s premier window manufacturer We are proud to be part of this, custom draperies, window treatments, and many more services.


D.P Interiors Experts

Corporate Citizenship is a core value at D.P. Interiors. For more than a century, the company has given back to the communities where we live and work through volunteerism and sponsorships. It's significant that all the design aspects in your home windows together, in order to achieve a professional look and feel. If you are buying pieces with no design plan, you will not end up with a perfect design. You'll never achieve the professional look. So, for that is very important to contact or to hire someone who is expert in designing. So, we are here for you to make your work easier and efficient. You can just call us for any query.

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